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Vorsteiner ISF

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I was at a local shop today and saw a pretty sick looking white ISF with full body kit and dark carbon fiber trunk! I wish I would've snaps some pix but i was in awe I totally forgot to take them!

Car will be showcased at SEMA...look out for it.
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hmm, sounds pretty cool where you live??
Bada$$! Did they say what it had done to it?
I wanna do a carbon fiber trunk I think it would look hot
I live in Orange County...

It was a CSL style trunk you see on E46 M3s
damn, I wanted pics haha.
damn, I wanted pics haha.
Haha I know right!

I'm thinking of carbon trunk, hood and roof.....Haven't decided for sure yet :)
I got the pix...

As you guys know these guys only did beamers before. They started doing P-cars and Mercs recently.

Now seems like they will be breaking into the Japanese cars.


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Dang, looks like an aftermarket spoiler as well! Are they going to do a carbon hood? Do you have any other pics? :)
It's actually 1 whole piece, spoiler is integrated into the trunk (M3 CSL style)

sorry no other pics...I think they did have a carbon hood. Definately had front lip and rear under spoiler and possibly side skirts.
I've seen an IS-F very similar to this driving around where i live. It has a carbon fiber trunk and roof. White with black rims and blacked out lights its one of the best looking F's i have seen.
Yep, I know exactly which one your talking about 305... Some mechanic that works for Lexus went all out on his and put carbon fiber parts all over, also he did some engine work on the car from what I hear... I'll see if I can get more details on it...
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