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VIP Auto Salon

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;) OK I must give adulation to Clark Isihara owner/ operator of VIP auto salon. I have onwed my F since Feb 08 and have been a diligent reader of this forum. I am 43 years of age and have owned a total of 48 different vehicles to this point in my life. This is my fourth LEXUS and by far the best car I have yet owned. I recently contacted Clark to pursue the purchase of both the Joe Z intake and exhaust system. Clark was very responsive and very knowledgable with repsect to these mods. All of his commitments were met and I am a very pleased customer of VIP Auto Salon. I would not look any farther than Clark for these products. I not only reccomend but highly encourage all F owners to utilize Clark whenever possible.
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Well said. Thanks for the kind words. He's a good personal friend of mine. He recently acquired an F just recently and it's about time. :D He came with me to Detroit back in 2007, when the IS F was first unveiled to the world. We were both present and got to meet with Chief Engineer Yukihiko Yaguchi that day. I'm sure we'll be seeing more of his car soon.
I must say I agree. Seems like a Great Guy to me. Thanks Clark for your great attitude and personal service:D

Awesome Rickk, I'm glad Clark was able to help you out! I actually found him by accident one day a few months ago and since then he has been the only one I purchase parts for the F from! Great, friendly, honest guy who can get any part for the F you can imagine and is very willing to help you out. I second that no one else should go anywhere else to look for parts other then Clark! Judging by how late he responds to my emails sometimes, I don't think he sleeps, he just waits and answers emails :D

Like Flip said, he just purchased a new MM F so maybe he'll join us on here!
I totaly agree with you guys Clark is in fact a nice guy.Thanx Mike it's coz of you.
I totally agree! I just purchased some parts from him a few days ago, and he was very patient with me, answering all of my questions as honestly as i could have hoped for.
+1 For Clark, awesome guy to deal with, can't wait to order more products, when the group buy starts up again on the exhaust. wink wink.
^^^^HA-HA. Mr. Z has indicated publicly that another Group Buy for his exhaust aint gonna happen again. The Group Buy served it's purpose by getting product out to the early adopters. It certainly would be nice if it did, however. But, it would certainly piss off those who paid retail for it.:cool:

I would agree... Clark was awesome once I was able to get hold of him. He has been awesome about getting back to me sending confirmations and such. I am currently waiting on my Joe Z exhaust and intake but not worried. Clark is da man.
Glad everything worked out drdoug75 :cool:
+1 For Clark, awesome guy to deal with, can't wait to order more products, when the group buy starts up again on the exhaust. wink wink.
I honestly think the exhaust is value priced compared to many exhaust systems out there for any application. Considering the proven gains you have and the quality of the product, a group buy is unnecessary. If anything I really think this exhaust is under priced for what it is.
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