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VIP Auto Salon/Lexon IS F

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VIP Auto Salon/Joe Z/Lexon IS F

Another IS F prepped for SEMA...

If I may add, I happened to visit VIP Status and took a teaser shot of the VIP Auto Salon IS-F.

Wasn't the best time of the day to snap the shot but I did my best on the PP.
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Damn, looks good with a drop and what must be 20's. Thanks for the preview Ryan.


My future wife :D and she doesn't look to bad either :p :D owwww,,grrrr

Hey guys check out this website to see all the cars and models.Flipside909 posted the article of Sema on an earlier post,but here is the link for girls,girls, and cars plus more girls:D :cool:
Wow, I really really like the way that looks. Nice and clean. Flipside, do you happen to have any more info on what all was done to the car?
that shits gangsta!!! very nice
That is a sick car, great stylin' points and not taking away from the great factory lines. Wheels make a car and those are a good choice!
More pics...

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Since SEMA officially starts today, can you post up a list of mods done? The car looks sick! And do you know when they are going to release the Joe-Z intake tube? :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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