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Vegas F Champion Training 2/4-2/6

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WOW, got back from driving the F for three days. Truly amazing car with Lexus level of luxury to boot. Things I loved about it compared to my IS250awd? (besides the obvious torque difference)
1) Car seems perfectly balanced, "stronger" feel of the car, very neutral cornering, flater cornering
2) Sound is fantastic, especially after 2nd stage airbox opens
3) Shifts as fast as I can, love the downshift "blip", feel of direct shift after 2nd gear rules. -Can shift in "D" mode
4)The seats have upper bolster area that is to die for-if you know the regular IS seats
5)Tansmission "snap" feel laying on and off gas pedal, feels like your controlling a manual shift car, geat toe in angle of pedals.
6) More brakes than you know what to do with, never a fade hint. (personally would like calipers different color than Black)
7) All colors were there- Starfire white stole the show (to me)- Blue 2nd
8) High-Tech Yamaha influenced head. (Ti valves, net sintered cam lobes, etc.)
9) Outstanding spec.'s on paper that translate (performance wise) in driving feel

Happy to post shots if someone can advise the best way to do that
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Thanks for the information. We will be adding a free photo gallery soon! Stay tuned..
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