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Vancouver ABRS $400 Introductory Formula Car Program @ Mission Raceway

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My name is Kyle from Allen Berg Racing Schools (ABRS), I would like to share some information about our school. ABRS is providing a wide range of Formula Car programs at the Rivers Edge Road Course at Mission Raceway August 10-14 2009. I look forward to seeing you at the track and enjoy the program.

ABRS offering SPECIAL $400 Introductory Formula Car Program on August 10 & 12

About the ABRS Race Cars
- Tatuus Formula Renault 1600
- Five speed “sequential” gear box
- 100% Carbon Fiber Monocoque Chassis and Bodywork
- Vehicle weight 420kg – 0-100KPH in 4 seconds
- MoTec Onboard Data Acquisition Computers
- ChaseCam Onboard Videos Cameras

Schedule of 2009 season
- Aug 10 Introductory program ($400)
- Aug 11 One day program
- Aug 12 Introductory program ($400)
- Aug 13, 14 Two day program

For more information please ABRS Formula Web-page visit or message me

or watch a video of about our school

or see some photos of the school

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