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Valentine 1

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hey everyone, my name is James I'm new to the forums, just recently purchased Lexus ISF, and was doing some modifications to it, but does anyone know the answer to getting a Valentine 1 into the rear view mirror is possible for the ISF? For a job like this you would have to purchase the Valentine 1 and have someone do this right, and if anyone know's in the New York Area where this job can be done that would be great thanks!
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try using the search!:)
Welcome to the site!!! :) There has already been a thread on this, it is below, feel free to look around the site :D
There's no possible way to integrated it into the mirror as you will lose your auto dimming and compass functions. However, you can use the remote display and mount the v1 unit itself.
Welcome to the site. I was able to hardwire my V1 (see the pics in the thread above), but it's not in the mirror. I ran the power/telephone cable up around the inside of the windshield, down to the passenger footwell where there is a fuse box. I had previously purchased a fuse tap from AutoZone, where I could just plug into one of the spare jacks and then ground it to the frame. Took me about an hour, but was not terribly difficult to do.
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