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Uptown Exotics leases ISF

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they have Two white ones

They lease for

500 a day

1350 for the weekend.

Also You can rent an ISF and Track it as MSRH in Angelton Texas.

its 1200 for intruction and track. 3 lapd with an instructor and 5 laps by yourself.

Good way to test drive the ISF before you buy one.
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Could you post more info on the IS F rental/track time rental at MSRH in TX?

I'd love to hear more about this...web link?

If you go to a participating Lexus Dealership, ask for there IS-F specialist, and they should be able to show you what the IS-F is capable of doing !! Some even have an IS-F for this reason alone !!


1200.00 Instruction time and 8 laps arround Track
to qualify :

Must be 21 years or older
have a valid DL
Have Valid Insurance
750.00 dollar deposit (refunded if no Damage)
3 assisted laps you drive
5 unssisted Laps all out racing with other cars like
c6 vette
porsche cayman
and other ISF
they also have the new Lancers and STI cars you can race.

You can also do a package to rent various cars and experiance them all on the Track not just the F

Call 866-631-9996
reservation is Req.

ask For Mike
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