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Unreasonalbe pricing expectations from dealers?

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I have to say that I am really surprised to see the prices offered by dealers for used IS-F's. There are two separate dealers in my area offering brand new 2008's for $49K. I have seen the Manheim reports for what these cars are selling for at auction and they are in the $40-45K range. How is is possible for used ones to be listed in the 50's with over 10K miles? It completely confuses me.

I know those of you that paid sticker are not happy about this, but others that are trying to get into these cars are finding it ridiculous. This economy does not support used cars being sold for more than new ones. (does it ever?)

end rant.
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You can always pick up one of the brand new 2008 models that you are speaking of, if you don't like the prices on used ones. Right now the used market is heating up, and I am seeing used IS-F models run across the auction block at unbelievable prices, and dealers are snapping them up.
Personally, indications of strong second hand value is good news.

One of the doubts you always have in your mind when buying a new lead model is what is going to be worth once it leaves the show room.

Strong resale value indicates we ain't buying a perceived lemon.
With only about 2,700 brought to the US in 2008 the market is not flooded like the 250 or 350 so you would think it would hold value a little better.
My theory is this:
1.Gas Guzzlering Performance cars or SUVs plumet the moment you take it off the lot.
2.IS250 and IS350 for some reason hold a way way better value than F would be with a say 10-20K miles on them..why?
Back to reason #1..
Last year I paid little over 70K for the beast they call 'F'..
Every option added on,with Extended warranty and finally dealer markup..:eek:
Now if you read the word "IF" I tried to traded in according to dealers they were going to give me around $50k with currently what I'm running at the time of 20K miles of I'm typing this..:eek:
Diffrent parts of the country have diffrent incentives. We are selling remaining new 08's in the Chicagoland area for about $54k and I have a Pre-Owned 08 ISF listed for $49,995 with 12k miles on it. As Adam (SuperFreak) mentioned, the pre-owned market is hot right now.
Lovin it...hopefully Toyota will build few F's in '09 and going forward....

And a bit off topic:

Not sure why v8 cars take it in the shorts every time gas mileage comes's just not true in all F gets the same mileage as my '04 4 cylinder mazda 3 on freeway trips...about 27-28 mpg....why? cause the 3 ran at about 3300 rpm at 75 where the F is at 2K a 160HP 4 banger did no better than a 416HP v8 at speeds most people drive on the freeway.

I'm not sure why manufacturers don't embrace this more...overdrive type gearing seems to be the one way to really get mileage increases...keep the last gear (5th, 6th, 7th or whatever) a really tall gear for highway cruising.

Anyway, glad to see the F value holding...
If you want you can always and I mean ALWAYS negotiate the pricing. You can always get it for a better price lower then what they post it for.
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