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I have been following the IS F is an awesome car...
Just thought Id post up my ride....until things change....Ive been a lexus fan for years...probaly see how this car developes...and see what 2010 brings


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I've heard people are actually paying OVER MSRP on those !!! I hope that's not the case !! Going by what your time's are, your over a second slower in the first 1320 feet !!! 2.1 60' times better mean you spun like crazy...
Our cars have a really step 1st gear like 4.10 or something..but a very conservative factory 87 octane tune and slow shifting 6 sp...all re tuneable for a night and day differnce for around $400 ( see my other post on New members) any how...
Where I ran the car...Sacramento Raceway...on a 99 degree day..during the fire season .Literally people are getting sick from the smoke in the air ..its been in the area last few weeks...SMokey bad air lol...Sac is know to be a "slow" 3 to 4 tenths from more ideal conditions ...and they never prep for street car night..( no VHT) the mags ran our car stock at 13.5 sumwhere..and we have members over the US that run anywhere from 13.4 to 14.0 "STOCK" so thats a huge differnce but as I have found out..Not at all uncommon...we have a member who is already running 12.7 with less than $1500 in bolts on..but will i Get the same numbers here..? who knows ..I will find out.thats what modding is all about.. I did learn that just because a car is tested by a few a certain speed..that you will not have the same results.. case in point
a brand new M3 ran that same day..supposedly a high 12 second car? but with a good lauch..and no missed shifts...he ran a 13.4 ( gee thanks sac raceway) ...He had his buddy drive it for him after 5 races..( obviously frustrated) his buddy who Races quite often ran exactly the same...13.4....thats quick to me..but the owner was obviously expecting 12s....
A Brand new Shelby GT500 that day....driven by a guy who was a gear head..muscle car guy from the 60s enthuasits...avg driver...couldnt break 13.3..
I know alot of real world time they start coming in from this site..will be all oveer the spread as well...maybe some 12s...but I predict 13s as well..
But the real race isnt bench racing trap speeds..and ets right?
So any how I have a post out there just for fun.. extending a challenge at Sac raceway...they have street night ever wed...By July 15th I will have my tune, HSRK , and hopefuly powerbond pulley...
I think it will be close...If you want to help locate a cali member by Sacrament and encourage them...I will post the race :)
I wanted a Lexus IS-F but thanks to the cali market I lost out a 6 figure amount. on my house and had dip in my I budgeted a ride for under $35 K...I think for the money it is a VERy good car stock...and very tuneable.....I plan on making my car into the 12s either this summer or sometime...for a very little amount :).
My 09 plan is for a Pedders Suspension kit..and 19 or 20 " wheels with some real rubber...( I have horrid all seasonal 18s) . The Pedders kit will put me around .95 g skid pad...or something
My 2010 plan...if 12s arent to get the Maggie Supercharger....
with all that by around $10K in mods...I paid $1000 less than MSRP for a fully loaded G8 sans 19" wheels the WEEK they came out in March 08. So for $41K total by 2010 I should have a DD running realilable low 12s or 11s...that will handle with the M3s, AMGs and IS Fs of the world :)
I also have a No charge Free Test drive of my car to any Cool Car guys that happen to be in town ...maybe just buy the first pitcher..
Oh ..and is there a post for member time slips?

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Thanks for sharing your experiences. I enjoyed the information about how you plan to wring out more horses from your ride.

N.P, your cars def have alot of tuning stuff coming out..I started to look at whats avail for the IS F...
There is ALOT that you can do....I am sure with alittle more time there will be tons of parts coming out....Both of our models are new for the year so parts is a waiting game..but what works on one car ..pretty much works on others. I think a good ECU tuner will make some gains but your motors seem already pretty tuned...already running 91 octane.but there is always something left on the fuel and air map tables..
The 8 speed tranny to light years ahead of anyone elses...
Its just how much speed do you wanna spend hehe
If your on a budget , Like me..I [email protected] what is the most cost effective and biggest bang for you buck mods first...From other users..and Vendors ( most are quite helpful) ..make out my list or plan of attack...and than set aside money for each mod...
I see so far they have exhaust, intakes, and even a supercharger coming up for the IS F....IF TRD makes it..that would be the way to go...
My co worker..has a buddy that just got the new TRD on the 2008 Tundra...that thing is Wicked...PLUS it has a warrenty from the Factory...
AN IS F with a superchager would be a very quick and nice ride...
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