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Ultrasonic IS-F

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just pick up my is-f several days ago...decided to join this forum since theres so many things i have not learned about this awsome car.
I had an 2002 IS300 but it got totaled because some lady went crazy and hit it while it was parked.

anyways, heres a before and after pic of my rides. :]

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Wow, nice collection of cars! No joke about that woman going crazy, was she on drugs?
nice cars I really like the NSX but of course the ISF is the best...
Well: If the Crazy Lady crash resulted in the purchase of the IS-F you are now one of the few to experience the IS-F paradigm. Congrats!!
nice NSX. Im looking forward on bring home my IS-F soon
Same here, I like the NSX..From looks of its at least 02 minium due to no more pop up lights..Very Exotic car..Actually it was one of my dream cars back in 96..
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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