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I have been reading a few threads recently that got my mind spinning around what wheel/tire package would combine the best performance upgrade over stock while still looking good for everyday use. This is the combination I came up with. What do you think?

WedSport TC 105N: - (F) 18x8.5 +43: 16.5 lbs (R) 18x9 +50: 16.9 lbs Approximately $2000 for a set

Michelin PSS tires: - (F) 255/40ZR18: 25 lbs (R) 275/35ZR18: 25 lbs
Approximately $1200 for a set

If my math is right, the TC 105N's are about 7.5 lbs lighter front and 9 lbs lighter rear than the stock BBS's. The PSS's are 2 lbs heavier front and 1 lb lighter rear than the stock PS2's. Overall, this adds up to an incredible 31 lbs lighter than the stock setup with 30mm wider front tires and 20mm wider rear tires. IMHO this sounds fantastic. Understeer should be greatly reduced and rear traction decently increased. Those experts here, please pick apart any flaws with the above idea.
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