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After 3 months of R&D and countless hours of testing the first Twin Turbo IS-F from the legendary Bob Norwood will roll out this week!

Owner and daily driver Derik Kennedy has been "amazed" at power and flow. According the numbers (with 6lbs of boost) the car should be hitting in the 700HP range when the final tune from Norwood is done.

"Tons of adds" according to Tim Taylor who has had a direct hand with Norwood on the car. "This thing has been a task. Trying to keep a luxury sports sedan as a daily driver and still unleash the beast by pushing the gas has been a chore". "None of the less with the mods and development the kit should allow the typical Lexus owner still drives daily without codes or facing warranty issues from the local dealer".

Currently the kit will be made on custom orders only in a limited supply and will prove to be a huge improvement on a car that already has captured the luxury sedan sports market.

Pics and video along with dyno charts of before and after to follow.

Stay tuned!
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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