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turbo civic ...............; }

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hey guys as you all no turbo civics mmmmmmmm never no wuts in ther and it kills me well sofar i never been beaten by them and really dont want to but i no it will happen because ther out ther and i race everything i no its bad but i do from lambos to bentleys to m5 and m3 and tons of vetts and let me tell you the F can hold its weight very well but i seen this honda hatch back red and it was at a light waiting on the other side i saw thatt huge intercooler staring at me so i cut right hard and got the jughandle and i girl new it right away she hates it but its in me so i pulled behined him and lightturns green and we go nice a slow and i guess he new by the headlights and fogs it was a sports car plus so low he sped up alil so we passed trafic and ther he is down shifting i was here we go he ganna whope my ass turbo spooled loudly and deff exturnell waste gate loud ha but we go and we both spinn like crazy and after i heard that thing i got scared but we stoped and whent again hooked alil better this time but he pulled alil like a bumber my girl got mad and was like kick his ass so we catch a light and were going and going but after 2nd going into 3rd we pulled and then 4th and then about 120 130 we were gone but i wish i had my camera it was good one he had it done right nice guy to so we raced a couple more times and only down low he stayed wit me but once the F warms up like beat on it alil shes ready to gooo ha just wanted to share it wit you guys and have a great new year guys
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nice kill those turbo'd Ek/Eg's can be pretty quick with their weight. i think they are around 2300 pounds. without a turbo they are slower than my dads van unless they swap a B18 or 16.
Learn how to write. I'm not reading through that garbage.
LOLthatsoundsawesomeyathoselittleturbocarscandosomeseriousdamage (breathe) thanksforthestoryandbecarefuloutthere
Talk about a run on sentence. Nice kill though
lmao. Yeah gotta relax bro and take your time typing. Having a hard time reading it.
I got a headache trying to read that crap!!! Stay in school kids...
Is anybody going to say "Street Racing is for Fools"? That's a good way to kill people:mad:

Nice kill....but damn you must drive better than you type! Maybe drive over to the book store and pick up some grammer will go miles to helping you.
Is anybody going to say "Street Racing is for Fools"? That's a good way to kill people:mad:

Currently Street Racing isn't killing people, his typing is killing our brain cells.:p
Currently Street Racing isn't killing people
How can you make such a statement:confused:

Come on personal attacks. :)
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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