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TRD Supercharger

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TRD makes a supercharger kit for the Toyota Landcruiser 5.7L V8 engine. In fact a few are on sale on Ebay. (just search TRD supercharger) Is this a bolt-on for the IS-F V8? The engines should be similar. Suppose this could work for the LS460 too.
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I've wondered the same thing. How would it behave with one modified to fit the ISF?

It is the same engine family, but very different technology. The ISF has port and cylinder injectors, servo controller cams, and a generally more advanced and precise valve train. Assuming the ECUs are similar is probably also wrong.

Anyway, it has been proven the ECU can accommodate low boost before it leans out. I'd like to see more info on this also, instead of using a custom supercharger setup.
I wish it would work too. That would be the way i would go for sure.
It won't work. Ecu will eventually be cracked. I personally would not run a turbo or s/c without proper tune. Even with low boost! Not worth the risk.
The 5.7 tundra is a totally different animal 3UR vs 2UR but more than that completely different build specs . The TRD SC requires a new ECU cal file programmed into it for it all to work plus a new fuel pump. Not to mention a little thing called compression ratio. 10.2:1 vs 11.8:1 We need new internals to run boost. Sorry guys.
Just be happy with the power you have and work on suspension handling. Its much more rewarding.
While the compression ration does not favor boost conditions, with a proper tune and the right amount of boost allowed, it can be done.
Making it fit would definitely be a custom job, it will not fit like it would in the bay of the LC. I might eventually take on this endeavor, seems like a lot of fun but the first thing I would do is buy something to allow me to control most, if not all, ecu parameters.
It would be a custom job alright. For the money, you could find an LFA engine (its smaller than ours) in a junkyard somewhere and drop it in instead.:D
Interesting find. I just wish there was more info.
Interesting find. I just wish there was more info.

Read the whole topic..It goes into details..From looks of it,it's not made for US setting..:( Also price tag is steep..
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