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Transmission Cooler Upgrade Kit!

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Heat is the main killer of transmissions and especially in performance cars that are constantly banging through the gears! Elite Autosport would like to offer a replacement transmission cooler that will handle the abuse of the race track or just daily driving! This kit is a must have for anyone that drives their car hard!

The IS F's have a liquid to liquid transmission cooler in the radiator and an external liquid to air cooler in front of the radiator. This cooler is less than ideal. Our kit more than doubles the efficiency of that external cooler at a great value!​

Our kit includes:
1. B&M Universal SuperCooler rated at 20,500 BTU
* Stacked Plate design provides better cooling than ordinary fin & tube coolers which your IS F has.
* Resistant to damage from flying rocks or other debris
* Pressure tested to 200 PSI
* Suitable for all fluid cooling needs including: automatic transmission fluid, engine oil, differential fluid, power steering and tubrocharger oil

2. High quality AN fittings for a perfect seal.
3. High pressure 300psi rated hose
4. Elite Autosport aluminum bracket to mount it in the stock location, no drilling required!
5. All hardware necessary and instruction sheet!

We will be ready to ship these by the end of next week we are excepting order now.​

Retail Price: $299 + Shipping
Introductory Price: $269 SHIPPED in USA​

Please email me for order until our website is complete!
[email protected]

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neat, seems a bit difficult to install
How does it affect the cooling of the oil as it blocks alot more of the radiator? Also, that bracket looks like it should be bigger/stronger to hold such a larger cooler. Id like to think i could fit this and just forget about it but im not convinced.
andy do you guys have paypal setup? If so please send me the info for shipping my project to you and the paypal info for one of these. Ill be first to install it in the dirty south! :)
Andy, do you guys know for how much torque is the ISF transmission is rated to?
payment sent!!!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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