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Traction control, its better than you think

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So with snow tires the F felt very squishy and very loose when it came to acceleration, especially with my tendancy to defeat the VSC when I like to romp through the corners. Lately I have been using the trac a lot more in Sport mode and I have found that it is quite good when it comes to doing its job without letting me know its there. Unlike most trac control that cuts fuel, and shuts everything down, the ISF trac seems to modulate the abs more like a racing trac. I was curious if the quarter mile guys have done pulls with TRAC on in sport mode and with Trac off to compare the difference in traction and 60ft times.

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I haven't done any pulls on a track lately but I definitely notice a difference when I open it up and traction is on vs off. I only notice it kick in when I am really swaying and trying to get the power to the ground otherwise I don't even know its on. When its off, I have to manually correct and am all over the place :) Like you said, it does quite a lot without you knowing its helping you out :cool:

I haven't done it with snow tires though, don't need them down here :)
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