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Track videos...

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Not an F, but still a high powered sedan..! From reading a lot of the posts on here, I figured some of you might just appreciate the vids. Be sure, when I get my F, it will be at the track a lot more than the E. Enjoy, or mock the silver star :p..!!

Motorsports Ranch in Cresson, TX 1.7 mile course
This one never got edited so there are 4 minutes of nothing at the beginning

MSR in Cresson, TX 1.3 mile course (102F, track temp 125F :eek: It was like having a ton of fun in hell :D)

Wasn't sure if the YouTube and Vimeo tags are on here..?? Ha guess the youtube are...
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looked like a lot of fun. Damn that is hot though.
Yeah, first time I've ever actually wished for the checkers before they threw em.! 6 - 20 minute sessions and I was toasted by the 5th and 6th, but still logged my fastest laps...
I did that same track in my F... good times!!
I did that same track in my F... good times!!
Ahh another Dallasite, hi. Who did you go with..? I've only been out there with Apex, but our car club always gets our own group so it's great...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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