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track time

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All the recent talk about track time, along with the great videos has peaked my interest. I have never been on a track with any car, and have a few questions for those that have.

1. Where do you go in the NY tri-state area
2. How much money, and for how long. Also, what happens if you book and rain is in the forcast
3. I am thinking of doing it TOWARDS the end of my tire's usable life, does this affect handling/grip. I was always under the impression that a tire with less tread is actually better on a dry surface.
4. referring to question one, is there a track with a long enough straight away to get the car anywhere near the 172mph speed.
5. do you have to bring any equipment of you own (ie helmets)
5. Are any of you guys near NYC game to go out on the same day and race?

Thanks in advance. Also please feel free to offer any advice/input from your own personal experiences
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Hey PhootDr,

There are a some good tracks up in your area; Watkins Glen especially. Check out this site.

Most club events (you have to be a member) costs around $400 average for the weekend. The club rents out the track and charges members (students) fees for track time. They are usually a ton of fun with quality instruction. For a novice student, I don't recommend anything but your stock tires. If it rains, typically the event goes just have to learn to handle your car in the rain! Some tracks have helmets you can use; some you can rent...but they can be nasty b/c of all the sweat from others. Basically, just find a club or event, sign up, and go have fun!
Haven't been there yet, but I'm looking to take a high performance class with Skip Barber at Lime Rock Park in NW Connecticut. You might want to check there as an option.
I went to opening day at Watkins Glen on Sunday, 3 "paced laps" for $20.
It was a ball, even at moderate speed. The disclaimer/waiver we all sign tells you not to exceed 55mph, but i easily hit 100 on the straight(s).
You can sign up for driving schools with several different clubs / vendors- Phoenix, Trackmasters, etc
I have not yet, but after that test run, i am sure that i will!!
You can find some info at
bump for all the weekenders who didnt go near their computers
go to for events listing.
welcome to the world of high performance driving!
learn the car control skills first before thinking of going fast - saftety first! I find the corners are more interesting and challenging than straights...personal preference.
see u at the tracks !
I'll be at the Monticello May 7-8
Watkind Glen May 11-12
NJMP May 16-17

more events later.
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