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Track day in Southern Ontario?

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I know last year, when the F was introduce, they had some track event where you could take one of the dealers F's out on the track, and they also had some race driver there giving some instructions.

I would love to know if there was any sort of lapping event going on or planned in Southern Ontario? That's in Canada for you Cali people. :)

I would love to take this beast out to

This track is amazing, and super smooth! I did a couple of days out there on my bike. But would love to open up the F there. This car is begging me every day to take some hard corners and give 'er!!!

I know Calabogie has lapping events, but wondering if we can organize a F intensive one? I know Phaff Porsche has a couple events out at Shannonville! It might be fun to just invade one of those events.
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People in Toronto, On

Hey I have been looking for someone else in my area with a IS-F to go to the track with me. I have never been to calabogie yet but in 2008 went to at least 6 track days at Mosport International Raceway, and had a blast spanking most of the cars there.

Keep me informed of any events. I would welcome the chance to participate in an event. I have already communciated with billandbill via PM. I would be interested in anything end of June or July.
Ok can get a role call from all Toronto area F's.

I am booked for Apex driving on the 29th of April.

The have a bunch of dates, all at Mosport.

Let's combine a local meet with track events.

I am also doing some drag events at Cayuga on the 9th of May.

Come out and watch me eat some M3's.
Check out for track info.
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