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Touch up paint for wheels??

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OK, I tried to search but with out success. I thought there was a thread that talked about a touch up paint for the IS-F wheels. Was I dreaming?
I have a small rock chip and Lexus has no solution. I would like to just do it myself since it is so small. Any solutions other than taking to the "wheel guys"? :confused:

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I found some at Pep Boys that is very close. Dupli-Color high performance wheel coating. Color is WP102 graphite. It is a spray paint can. I sprayed some in a small container and used a fine paint brush. It turned out pretty good.
Thanks! I knew that someone knew what to use. :)
Lexus told me that the color code for ISF BBS wheels is 11GY39.
I have searched the web and not been able to find a supplier for it online...
If anybody knows where to get it please post it...

Pete in Aptos, CA
2010 Starfire Pearl
I've used Toyota color code 1E3, Phantom Grey with success. I have it in a brush tube applicator. Took some time to find it, but it works.

Duplicolor Suggestion

Try Dupli-Color's NS 00596 Brushed Pewter. It's a "perfect match" of Nissan's CS3. Only available in the Scratch Fix 2in1; no spray can unfortunately.
Sewell Lexus has confirmed Toyota Paint Code 1E3 and now sell it on their site.

A buyer confirmed that the paint code was indeed 1E3.



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Just checked online for Toyota 1E3; companies like ExpressPaint have it in a range of options in addition to the standard pen at $14.95.

For example, a 2 fl.oz. jar is $17.95, a 11 fl.oz. aerosol can is $24.95, and rim paint (whatever that is) is also $24.95. Ouch!
Places like Auto Zone have it in a tube with a brush for much cheaper.

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