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LSD or not LSD, that is the question.

I actually knew the engineers at Gleason in New York who invented the Torsen differential. This was when dinosaurs roamed the Earth before the technology started its life of perpetual corporate acquistions.

The Torsen is not limited slip. While not as sophisticated as the Haldex system, IMHO, it is more advanced than conventional open differentials and uses worm gears to sense torque difference as it is applied to the road. When used as a center differential in an AWD system, it senses torque difference between the two pairs of wheels at the road. Any reduction in torque results in immediate transfer of torque to the other wheel or axle.

The label "LSD" applied to Torsen differentials is purely a marketing term. It has no engineering validity.

These mechanical differentials are archaic and have their roots in 19th Century engineering. If cars are still Earth-bound in 20 years, I feel they will use some variation of hub-centric electric motors entirely computer controlled.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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