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Take for instance easing the throttle smoothly in your foot as your apexing a turn. in a direct connection throttle you can precisely add throttle to not interupt the distribution of weight between the rear and front but with the drive by wire and the LTS in any of the sport modes the throttle is too sensitive and does not follow a linear rate compared to the position of the pedal.

Like i said im not dissing the LTS im just saying for what i use the car for it is not recommended for racing.

For street use it is a fun little device though and passengers are always wowed by the ISF in the LTS sport modes.
I can appreciate VIP Auto Salon's excitement about the LTS especially if you use it for straight line. But I think what Skatepozer mentioned is right on the money. For circuits, the gizmo might not be ideal which is actually the reason why I personally did not buy one. Plus, it really did not add power or torque.

But hey, to each his own and I respect that.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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