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Tom's Linear Throttle Control

I was wondering if anyone has considered or already purchased the Toms Linear Throttle Control System? I know the Blitz one was discussed on here a while back but I'm curious if anyone knows exactly what this does or if they've considered purchasing one. It seems almost like an upgraded sport button...I posted a link to Carson Toyota with a little description. Any help would be great :D

I purchased my WEDS from Tom's of Hong Kong and they had the Linear Throttle Control for sale. I did not get one. What it does is it makes your throttle opening more sensitive. You have three settings to choose from, the last one giving you wide open throttle almost as soon as you step on the pedal. The fact that it did not add power, did not entice me to buy the thing.

Guy at Tom's says though that all his clients who installed the throttle controller on their IS350 are very happy.

I guess it depends on what you need it for.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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