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I have a 2006 IS 250AWD 17 Inch with TPMS. I am running a 225/45-17 Continental tire sold at Discount Tire. They are a cheaper tire with higher mileage warranty of 50,000 miles. They have been routinely rotated and have worn excellent. They are measured at a 7 with 40,000 miles currently on them. Almost exclusively highway mileage. The OEM Bridgestone Potenzas I had previously had much more grip, but wore much more rapidly. The grip was most noticeable on merging on the highway ramp and light rain conditions. NTB and Discount Tire also offer credits of up to $25 per tire for used tires in good condition. Hope this helps.
hello friend do you know reliable source to get used tires at affordable rates? I hope you can help me out.. Waiting for reply thanks in advance:)
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