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Made this system (I'm an EE) for my car, and other HPDE guys I know. It's to know when your tires are up to operating temp. I thought I'd try and get some feedback here to see what people thought.

Here are the features of the kit:
  • Four IR sensors
  • Narrow 10deg sensor field of view for sampling tire sections
  • Large 1 1/12 by 2 1/2 inch display
  • Weather resistant; sensors can get wet without being ruined.
  • Removable lens cap if they need cleaning or replacement
  • Extra protective lenses
  • Does both fahrenheit and celsius
  • You can adjust the emissivity of each sensor (different materials reflect light at differing rates)
  • Quality harnesses
  • DC supply is designed for difficult automotive environments with large current dumps and voltage spikes

The installation is straight forward. You drill a small hole in the wheel arch for the sensor to poke through. Top center is best to account for changes in tire angle.

I'm aware 3 sensors per corner would be needed to monitor camber load. But that's another kit--one with no display and CAN support for data-logging--and not this one, which is aimed at being sub $1k.

If anyone is interested just send me a PM or email me at mikes at


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