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Tire Suggestions for Daily Drive and Autocross

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Hi All,

I have a 2008 F with stock wheels and tires (19" and Potenzas) and am in need of a new set of tires since starting autocross last year. My front tires have worn out on the outside shoulders, but have even wear on the rears with tread still to spare. (Yeah, I'm plowing the car alot as I'm going in too hot in my turns - still a novice and learning.)

Any tire recommendations for autocrossing and daily driving? (Also, I've not brought the car to the track...yet.) I do live in the northern CA area so do have rain to consider during the winter months, but NO snow.

Appreciate any suggestions.


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I would suggest PM'ing the Discount Tire rep on the site for suggestions. You might even get a member discount. Sorry I don't have anymore info than that, I'm still running stock myself with life to spare. I know there are a couple threads talking about tires, but nothing comes to mind that someone is looking for autox and dd in the same tire that I can remember. Good Luck.
Unfortunately, there aren't any that I can think of that do both autocross and daily driving well. A decent wearing performance street tire usually doesn't provide the amount of grip that an autocross demands and a good autocross tire usually has a grippy rubber compound that doesn't last long with daily driving. It's a catch 22. I have about 12 years of autocross/track event experience and would suggest a dedicated set of autocross wheels and tires for your F if the budget allows. That is the "best" way to go. If there was a way to dial in a couple degrees of negative camber in the front end that would go along way to helping your worn outer edges on the front tires. Again though, another catch 22, more negative camber wears the inboard side of the front tires quicker on the streets. :( Finding an 18" wheel that clears the brakes is the first step. This will open up a whole lot more choices in performance tires. Take a look at the Toyo RA-1 for instance.
If you decide to stick with your OE 19" wheels you will continue to spend lots of money on street tires and wear out the edges whereas you could buck up and spend the money on a dedicated set of auto-x wheels and tires. Probably a push. Hope that helps a little.
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