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Tinted windshield-isf

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Just got 5% and I was going to do my winshield but my tint guy said it may affect the rain sensors, so I figured I'd ask you friendly people. Does Anybody have any knowledge of this or someone with a tinted winshield chime in

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Possible by why tint the front windshield? That just screams "Give me a ticket!" I think cops are more or giving on driver/pass tint then font windshields. Or at least here in LA..... Ha....
Correct me if I am wrong but did you get 5% on your windshield? That to me actually seems like a driving hazard, especially at night. I have 35% on my front windshield and that's plenty.
^ 5% I couldn't imagine on the windshield. I had 35% on 4 of my last cars and it was perfect, not ideally perfect at night but didn't make vision dangerous in any way. Not sure how it would affect the rain sensors as the film will be inside the car but I haven't reasearched the rain sensors and how they work yet. My concern was will it affect the automatic lights which was why I held out on doing it on my TL-S because I wasn't sure if the sensor would think it's darker than it really was.....

Either way I'd like to hear more on this as this is just my common sense opinion.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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