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Tint Question - What do you think of this?

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I am looking into purchasing this car:

Does the tint on here look to be stock, or aftermarket/darker than stock? Hard to tell from some of the angles.

Also, what do you think of the car overall, looks to be in great shape. I am trying to bring myself into the Lexus IS-F world! Thanks everyone.
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Definitely not stock...looks pretty dark to me.
Get a compression test on the engine, check the body with a magnet to see if any bondo was used.

Get a carfax report, ask for maintenance records.

There's a lot to be checked in a used car before you buy it, especially with a car like the IS-F.
Looks dark but it still might be legal in Texas. The rear looks limo while the front looks like it could be 25% (which is legal according to the new tint laws here in Texas).

I'd be careful and definitely check this car out before buying, do everything you can to find out it's history. A few dollars here doing research could save you thousands down the road.
Thank you everyone for the responses. I will do everything I can to ensure there are no problems before making my purchase. I did look at the carfax and it checks out fully. I also got an AutoCheck Report and again, everything checks out completely. I live in Colorado so I am going to get a 3rd party inspection. Nothing similar for sale near me. How would I check to see if that tint is legal in Colorado? Thanks again everyone, I am hoping it checks out and I will have the car next week.
^You can talk to your local tint shops once you get the car or visit sites like this:

If it is too dark for your laws, the tint can be stripped and you can put on whatever shade you'd like
Well the car passed inspection and everything seems to be in order. I will have it next week! Very excited. I will post pictures when it arrives.

I have a random unrelated question. In looking at IS-F pics I see that some on the front bumper have little raised pieces right in front of the headlights and some don't. The one I am getting doesn't have that. My best guess is that they are the headlight cleaners? Just wondering. Thanks!
^ The little raised pieces are headlight cleaners. You will not be getting them as the car is from Texas and unless it was special ordered, folks in the south didn't get them as an option available at dealerships. Congrats on the new purchase!
Check with your local and State Patrol about the tint, otherwise sounds like you're all set.

Congrats, I think it's pretty exciting to go to another State to pickup a cool car as the ISF.
Wow they gave that one away. Congratz on a good deal. Couldnt find anything bad on it. Enjoy!!!!!
Thanks guys! I am actually having it shipped because the cost of shipping was lower than a plane ticket + gas and travel time. I did a ton of research and shopped for close to 2 months before finding something that I was happy with as far as price/mileage/condition. The only add on feature I really wanted was the ML and it has that. I have had 2 2003 IS300's and really enjoyed them, time for a step up and some more fun! I am hoping it arrives as great as the pictures look. My guess is that during my required VIN inspection by a state patrol trooper, I will be told to change the tint. I will just probably do 27% all the way around if that's the case. It should be shipping tomorrow! I can't wait!
The rear side windows and the back window are darker than the front window, which is what we do here in AZ. My cars are 38% front sides and 18% rear sides and back.

Good job...that looks like a super clean car. I was watching that one too.
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