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I just put 30% on the 3 rears and I'm fairly sure there is no limit to how dark you can go on those 3 rears, but that on the fronts you cannot have any tint. I'll check the CA Vehicle Code when I get to work today and repost if I'm mistaken, but pretty sure I'm not.

My IS F is blk/blk, by the way, and the 30% tint really looks amazing.

Hope this helps.

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I have 35% all around but if you wanted to go a little darker I would say 20-25% would still look decent and not to dark. :)

Talk to your tint person, I know mine real well and he always will tell me if what I want won't look good :cool:

hey i tinted my windows 1 week ago. i put 3m 5% all the way around. I love the look . leagal in md. is 35% so im way darker lol.
That is limo tint, which is kinda hard to see out of at night from previous experiences :D
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