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Time to move on.

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Well I’ve had my F since I took it off the showroom on 3/20/09 as a 2008 model. It's sad, but I have to let it go and down size to a less expensive car and put the extra money towards a new house. I've been on this site ever since getting the car and I'd like to thank all of you for the great insight and knowledge you provided me. I never got into posting, but I sure was reading all of your opinions. Thanks again!!!

A little about the car and it's evolution. I originally installed Eibach springs, but thought the front was still too high so I switch only the front springs for TEIN. Without going with coilovers, in my opinion this was the perfect drop and the TEIN's in front made it ride smoother. I also originally installed the Borla catback exhaust, but switch it shortly afterwards for the Joe Z. The Joe Z sounded more aggressive without being overall louder than the Borla. The intake is K&N and it simply stayed on because of how great it sounds. I know the debate will never end whether it increased performance, but it sure sounds good. I put on black pearl emblems from Sewell and the Carson Toyota black chrome grill surround and black CF exhaust tips.

Now for the wheels. I looked around for along time and didn’t find wheels I like so I custom ordered a set. They're Vorsteiner V-104 forged aluminum. Went 19-inch, half inch wider than stock with stock offsets. Tires are 255/35/19 and 285/30/19. The tires are very close to OD and the wheels fit perfect without any rubbing and without any fender modification. I like the meaty look of the tires. I never been a fan of very flush wheels or stretched out tires, but believe that if you pay for it then you can do to your car what you please.

Once again thanks for everything!!!! Maybe in a couple years I'll be back with the next generation F, although the upcoming ZL1 looks good. In case you’re wondering, I think the replacement will be a Chevy Sonic. F will be going on Autotrader.


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I know the feeling fella and I am sorry for ya. My wife and I joke all the time that our house, although nice, doesnt really fit the ISF and 650I but hey, if we want a giant house then the cars go and thats simply not gonna happen LOL.
Good luck
I had a Boss 302 when I was a kid and crap in between until I got my F. Bide your time, Dude.:)
I had a Boss 302 when I was a kid and crap in between until I got my F. Bide your time, Dude.:)
Well Said;)
OP: I know how that feels. I had my STi for 6 years and let it go for a house. I'm now in the pursuit of the "F".

Good luck with the house, you'll love the freedom of being your own landlord!!!
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