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Time Attack Is-f

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was this car in vegas for the redline time attack?
a few people said there was a white one but I didn't see one anywhere

post more pics and a list of the mods that shi#t is sick!!

i only did 3 laps since the axle boot fell apart for no apparent reason :(

with me driving it all the way home i temp repaired it so i can make the 300+ mile home.

KW competition 2 ways
volks te37 mag blue
Injen intake
custom tig'ed full exhaust
OS Giken tcd LSD
Cobra carbon race bucket
HP plus race pads
and harness....:eek:
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Cool. Do you have any videos on it? Any dyno numbers on it with the exhaust / intake?
damn that sucks sorry to hear that
I would love to be a part of this!! Looks like you already have a shop tho..
Looks awesome!! Car looks great! Stinks your axle boot fell apart but things like that do happen :(

Damn Chris! The wheels look sick! TE37's look pretty damn good on the car.

Fontana Nissan as a sponsor on your windshield though? :confused:
thanks guys!!

ya unfortunately Fontana nissan sponsors the time attack events so guess whos name goes on the banners :(

The car is getting some toys here and there.. just like everything its a waiting process since its made to order.. my KWs will take close to 2 months to build :(

again thanks everyone for your comments.. i will try to get more pics from the up coming events.
Cool. Do you have any videos on it? Any dyno numbers on it with the exhaust / intake?
nice...videos plz..
We need more of this! I want to see more ISF's on the track!
by the way I saw this thing blasting down the 60 freeway.
there is something i didnt understand !! y is the isf sponcerd by nissan
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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