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I got the lamest ticket I've probably ever gotten in my IS F a couple months ago in So. Cal. for turning right where "no right turn" is posted at the intersection (if you can spot the sign among the 2000 other signs/garage sale signs, other crap, etc. all over that intersection).

Here's a tip I'll offer you all (I'm in this line of work, by the can probably guess what I do): contest your ticket, set it for trial, continue the court date as long as you possibly can and hope the cop doesn't show. My experience is that approx. 50% of the time he won't and there's your automatic dismissal, which happened to me last week in Long Beach, CA. Don't be afraid to contest these b.s. tickets...they're often easier to beat than you may think. If he does show on your trial date, request traffic school or a second offender's program right there. Odds are any judge won't want to deal with a lame traffic trial and will grant your request.

Hope this helps someone in an IS F out there.

Drive fast, but be safe.

Oh, and lastly, I have to say that my new Escort 9500ci radar detector/laser jammer system is truly amazing. Might be worth the investment if you can swing it. I've been lasered twice while going 10-20 mph over the limit and not even lit up either time.

Continuing trial dates year round

P.S. One of my closest friends is a local police sgt., too. I went on ride alongs the last two Fridays and he's a fellow leadfoot, too. We had some in depth chats about what to do in a cop's mind if you want to avoid tickets. If anyone wants more info, let me know. I found it very interesting.
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