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Throttle body diameter?

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Would anyone happen to know the diameter of the throttle body?
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I believe grimmspeed is doing a PnP manifold and throttle body. They may be able to help. Also, Icode is making 2 throttle bodies as seen on the VIP Autosalon website. There may be a spec sheet out there.

Are you looking at making ISF parts by chance?
Thanks for the info.

No parts, I'm looking for a larger throttle body for a TRD Supercharged 3UR-FE Tundra engine.
Tundra 3ur-fe and IS-F 2ure-gse throttle bodies are the same diameter, 76mm. They are pretty much the same, except for the location of the coolant passage.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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