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Thinking of buying a 2009 IS-F

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So, I am looking at a few cars and I will probably get on in early February. The cars I am considering (leaning heavy towards IS-F though):

- 2009 Lexus IS-F
- 2010 Audi S4
- 2008 or 2009 BMW M3
- 2007 or 2008 Audi RS4

Any advice you guys can give? What packages should it have besides ML? How do you like your IS-Fs? :) I am sure you were probably looking at similar cars. What made you choose Lexus?

My reasons why I am leaning this way: reliability, almost on par with M3 for less money, fuel economy seems to be OK for a V8. I am a little hesitant because it seems a little small and the styling is somewhat bland in my opinion.
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Well, I just got my 2013 ISF after 6 years of waiting. My choice is based on Lexus reliability, and my preference of Japanease performance cars.

A friend of a friend of mine had an Audi RS4 and it was in the repair shop more than it was on the road, he got rid of it after 1 year of ownership.

The S4 is a nice car, but it's not in the 400 hp club.

The M3 is a great car, but if you do buy it, I would get FACTORY BMW extended warranty, and that's not cheap on that car. Do NOT buy a non-factory warranties, they seem great on paper, but will do just about anything to deny your claim once you need it. My best friend has a 2011 M3 with the 6 speed manual, it's a very nice car, sounds great and has a great interior.

M3 vs. ISF engine wise, they are very different animals. The ISF has a lot more torque, and does not rev as high, the M3 redlines at 8400 and has a flat torque curve.

I would first start by test driving each potential car you want to buy to see what you like most. Once you know that, then finding the right car is the next step.

I would also recommand that you spend some time on the M3 forums and research the M3, those guys are your best source of information.

2009 ISF is the second year made, they do not have the Torsen LSD, updated suspension or updated interior, but still a great car.

2010 got the Torsen LSD, 2011 got the new suspension. You can find a great deal on a 2011, or you can do what I did, and just wait and get a newer one.
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Just bought my 2008 F about 2 months ago.

Was also looking at the M3 and C63 AMG.

Previously owned a BMW and had HUGE problems with the mechanical side of it - which is why I avoided the M3.

Get the F - you will love it (the sound is unmatched :) )
I recommend you look at a slightly newer Lexus. The IS-F received a major suspension upgrade in 2011 that improves handling dramatically and makes the car a more worthy competitor to the M and AMG series. I just bought a 2011 and am thrilled with it. Prices of 2011 models start at around 47K now. As for Audi, they have a short life expectancy beyond their warranty, the Lexus will last forever.
Yep, no question you will pay less for maintainence with the ISF.

I agree about going for a 2011. I would either go cheap with a 2008, or go 2011+. The 09/10 will really just have lower miles than an 08 (which you will be paying for) with not much benefit besides that. Save money and get an 08, or save up more money then go newer. The 11+ has lots of great updates like LED headlights, newer gauges, better suspension, different rims, but especially the Torsen LSD. All of that is totally worth the extra money.

I've had a few BMW's in my life (I had an ex who loved them and went through a few) and every 6 months without fail, the car was in the shop for $1,500-$2k. Random stuff I had previously never even heard about where the parts are crazy expensive and so is the labor to swap it out. All of the cars had < 30k miles on them too which to me is nearly new.

After that period in my life I will never again own a BMW.

I love Audi but can't personally see myself driving one (not sure why to be honest) so I admire them on the road but that's it. I think for their prices they aren't too competitive.
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