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I have been loyal BMW owner for quite some time now, I had several BMWs and I loved driving all of them. I currently have an M3, and absolutely love driving this car, its probably one of the best cars I ever owned. As good as it is, unfortunately the car requires a lot of maintenance. These cars have problems with VANOS, rod bearings, subframe, oil leaks, etc. One good thing about BMW that there are a lot of write ups on he forums on how to fix these problems, which I've been doing for years. But now I'm getting older, and don't have as much time, nor desire, to spend my weekends under my car. So I'm thinking about selling my BMW and getting into something more reliable that doesn't require as much maintenance.
I've been looking at used lexus is-f's with 60-70k miles on the car. I have done some research on these cars, and it seems like they are pretty reliable, but I would love to hear some feed back from actual owners who had the car for quite some time, and maybe even use it as a daily driver, which is what I'm planning on doing. So I just want to know if anyone had any mechanical issues with the car (engine, trans, etc.). Is it a difficult car to work on? Also, I've read that newer models, 2011>, come with better LSD, is it worth to spend extra money to buy a newer model, or older ones just as good?
Maybe you guys can give me some tips on how to buy a used is-f as well. Since I'm not very familiar with the car and don't really know what to look for.

Looking forward to hear your input.

Thank you
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