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Thinking about purchasing a 09 ISF, any problems, issues?

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As the title says I am thinking of purchasing a demo 09 ISF and was looking from some feedback from owners.

I know a lot a people talk about Lexus reliability and quality etc but I wanted to see if this extended to a more highly strung beast.

Any help is apprecaited.

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most peoples gripes about this car include a "harsh" ride (of which i do not find harsh at all) and one issue that varies is the brakes, they squeak because of the high performance nature, and the rotors "supposedly" do not last that long..... as for how long exactly i do not know, but there is a search function that should help you out with that. other then that the mpg is great if you have a light foot, and its a ton of fun to let loose. highly recommend.
The quality and reliability does apply to the IS-F..for sure. 3 years after it's introduction the IS-F is holding up very well. There have been no transmission or engine failures to my knowledge. Yes, I do sell the Lexus product and am a little biased toward the products.:) I can confidently recommend any IS-F as a great pre-owned car as long as you do your proper research on it!
I bought an 08 in 09 and I came from a bullet proof IS350. Its just as good in the quality dept. And yes, the ride is always the gripe as doublexl says. But I have to agree with him as I dont think its all that harsh. I carry a wife a 20 yr old and a 7 yr old in it and its got plenty of room, including the booster seat. I get 29 to 30 mpg on the highway (when I try) and can get 11 to 14 when I dog it, which is more often than not. Pre-owned super car in my eyes means abuse and thats fine, as long as the make can handle the abuse and there is no doubt Lexus can and especially the IS-F. Go get it and enjoy.
Thanks for the comments to date.

Have test driven so not concerned about tthe ride or the brake squeal. I am most concerned about problems i.e. expensive and inconvenient reliability issues i.e. motor, diff, gearbox etc.

Sounds like there are none of these issues with the ISF.

The Demo has only done 1,500 km so not much work so far.

Will look again this weekend and get closer to a possible deal.

Thanks again for you feedback.
It is a great car. I have yet to have any major maintenance issues. Thus far for maintenance all I have really done is basic oil change stuff and get everything checked. I'm a little over 16k miles. Brakes are holding up well and tires look reasonable good too. I will probably have to get new tires next year for the front at the very least as they are wearing on the inside edges. Oil changes can get pretty pricey depending on where you get it done. The F takes roughly 10qt oil, and if you go synthetic it could be a grip. But if you take care of the little things this car will last without problems for a long time.
The brakes squeal is a Brembo thing. I've had that on my Subaru STi.

You can always go with different pads that create less noise and dust, but then you're sacrificing brake power for it.
Change of mind, looks like I am going with a new 2010.

They are running out with the 2011 arriving and can't go past the pricing offered, so lets hope in the next week or so I might have a new set of wheels.

thanks for the comments.
Good Luck!!! Hope it works out for ya.
Well I only procrastinate for 2 months but finally signed on the ....... line today for the 2010 IS-F.

Hope to have the new beast by next weekend.
Congratulations on your purchase. I am at 30k with my 2009 which I purchased new 2 years ago. I'm lucky to say i'm still running my factory Michelin Pilot Sport PS2s and factory Toyota/Brembo pads. :) You will enjoy your ISF for many years to come, I guarantee it.
Congrats. What color combo did you go with?
Good for you and enjoy!!!!
Congrats. What color combo did you go with?
White on White, not first choice but beggers can't be choosers when the price is good :D
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