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thinking a 100 shot of NOS

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hey guys just wondering if you guys already have a setup or thinking about it i whent to a tune shop and ther trying to talk me into a 100 shot of nos and im very scared but he said its a newer setup and can program it when to come on and shut off and at wut gears toooo but wanted to talk to you guys first let me no wut you think :D and would are motors handle it ok
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the problem with nitrous.....shit gets hot, the instantaneous acceleration is greater than a turbo...but it requires discipline. Most people do not have it so they hit it over and over until the poor metal gets confused on what shape it was supposed to be in anyway. I would def not do it on an aluminum block, aluminum head motor. In a word...its cheating.

I'm a big fan of forced fed so if you want more power...wait for a turbo or SC kit. With NOS, once the juice is gone, it's gone!
I like to compare NOS to steroids... in the short term everybody including yourself is extremely impressed with the results, in the long run nobody including yourself is going to be impressed with your car being in a shop for a few weeks after something gets damaged... Just like any shortcut, your gonna have to pay at the end!
Today's high tech kits are pretty safe if you follow all recommended supporting hardware.If it were my car I would start with a 50 shot and run that for a few months.Have your performance shop check the car on a dyno ,after install , to double check air/fuel ratio when "ON" the juice.Good luck with your car and let us know what you decide.
I would not call NOS a shortcut to anything. NOS is the cheapest and quickest power adder. If installed correctly, and used wisely, you should be able to have NOS for many years without problems. If you are going to add NOS, don't be cheap about it. Make sure you use new switches, and installed by a pro. Don't try to save a few hundred because in the end, it will cost your thousands !! I've seen NOS work wonders for years with no issues. But as FIG mentioned, it's not something you want on ALL the time.
yea the kit is the top of the line
he will set it up for around 2500 3000 to 6100 rpm shut off at the end of that and at 2nd gear same and third and 4th
Could be an awesome mod if used right :) Did you decide to do it?
no not yet still asking around im ganna take my time
^^don't blame you, big purchase, a lot could go wrong, you need to be careful and picky as to who is going to mess with your F :)
i no im looking for rims first i just wonder if a 40 off set will fit in the back
Here are some other considerations that should be taken into account when adding nitrous to a motor - the AFR should be lowered into the upper 11:1 range from the typical upper 12:1 range for normally aspirated applications - I haven't run my wide band on my F to see what they're tuned to from the factory, but will at some point - ignition timing should be retarded approx 4 deg per 100 hp, colder plugs should be used above 100 hp, and the system should not be allowed to engage below 2500 rpm due to excessive cylinder pressure at lower rpms - since most nitrous systems employ a constant mass flow rate. Also, higher than pump gas octane fuel is required above 100 hp, and the system should disengage a few hundred rpm before the rev limiter activates. The F also has a high static compression ratio, near 12:1 - I'm not sure what the dynamic compression ratio is - which is determined by the cam profile - but that may necessetate stronger head gaskets & bottom end components to keep it all together. Also, the limitations of the fuel system and drive train need to be taken into consideration, especially if slicks are used at the drag strip, which will load the drive train more heavily under the transient of launching the car.
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^^Good info and welcome to the site!! Congrats on the F! Start up a thread to tell us about yourself!
Will do.......
any update? or anyone add nitrous to their F?
OP: Have you opened the exhaust and intake yet?

Defenitly would want Nitrous and AFR gauges to monitor what's going on there........
any update? or anyone add nitrous to their F?
I've been spraying for a little less than a year.
fill me in on details! shot size? other mods? tuning? i am very interested, thanks
fill me in on details! shot size? other mods? tuning? i am very interested, thanks
~200 shot, direct port, progressive controller

factory ecu - stock; no tune - stock ECU compensates.

More details here where I keep things updated. :)
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