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This video is the most god awful review comparing the three cars... I wanna know how the hell these guys are working for this company and are even considered "car journalists" as they mention in the video. Look at the guys ::WTF:: expression while driving the "IS-F" at 5:41 and also notice that the steering wheel emblem is the BMW's... Not to mention that the camera man/camera and a full grown man was sitting in the back seat while they were running a "track time"!!!:mad: These guys deserve to be fired for sucking at there job or at least demoted to CARmagazine official car washers because I'm pretty good they would be good at that! I also love the professional timing these guys keep with there shitty cell phones "Ok start the clock now!" Boy does this review boil my blood!!! Just had to vent a little here :D
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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