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I can speak from my limited experience of 2 months of ownership of the Escort 9500ci that I think it's an excellent system.

Perhaps the GPS feature which reduces all those annoying false alerts at door openers, etc. is my favorite. The laser "shifting" (a nice word for "jamming") appears to work, as well, since I've been lasered at least 3 times in the last month while going at least 10-15mph over and haven't had anyone even light me up.

On my IS350 I owned the Escort S2 cordless and this new system, while a bit too expensive, completely blows the old detector away. I haven't yet updated the red light/speed camera database, but plan to today so we'll see how that goes. Installation should be done by a pro unless you really know what you're doing. Phone support at Escort has been surprisingly competent and helpful, too.

All in all, an excellent unit IMO and one I think is worth having with a car with the sheer speed capabilities of the IS F.

Hope this helps. Have fun!
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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