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The process of perfection - your input desired

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I have seen a lot of different setups out there on the ISF. Many people seem to prefer upsizing to 20 inch wheels. I have thought quite a bit about how I will eventually modify the ISF, and my desires center more around function than form.

Right now I can’t justify spending any more money on it since I am in the middle of having a house built, and my wife is pregnant with our first child. When all is said and done, I will be able to look at how much money I have left over and choose the next mods accordingly.

Obviously, new products will likely come out between now and when I actually pony up the cash to turn my ISF into a cruise missile. I will list my dream mods in the order they would come, were I to purchase them right now. Let me know what you think.

- JoeZ intake pipe
- Tom’s drop-in air filter

- JoeZ PTS exhaust
- Sikky headers
- ISS Forged RX-10 or HRE C21 wheels (gunmetal)…or lightest forged wheel available within reason
- 18x9 front with 255/40ZR18 tires
- 18x10.5 rear with 295/35ZR18 tires
- KWV3 coilovers
- Have JE Import Performance port the intake manifold, as they are only a few miles away
- VPH750 lithium phosphate battery or relocate battery to trunk
- Have a custom carbon fiber roof made that ditches the sunroof
- Tom’s body kit or something similar to help stability at speed

Future/after warranty:
- Forced induction or increased displacement
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I think you got it nailed! I would maybe add springs instead of coilovers, far cheaper and they make the ride much more friendly. We demand pic's when its finished.
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