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The most advanced diagnostic tool for Toyota and Lexus

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Toyota Intelligent Diagnostic Tester-2 has now supported the latest version 2014.08 on EOBD2, which is a tool of the touch screen that allows you to diagnose engine control systems, ABS, Airbag, even through CAN communication -Diagnosis.

Here I would like to share with you more about Toyota Intelligent tester-2 information. Tester-2 is a powerful diagnostic tool specifically designed for Toyota (made after 1996) and Lexus.

Toyota Intelligent Tester-2 Function

It supports multiple functions such as read and clear code, data flow; action testing and guard against theft initialization apply to all kinds of Toyota and Lexus, and also supports OBD II.

Toyota Intelligent Tester-2 Benefits

1 .Version: Date 2014.08
2. Languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese
3 .Garantie: one year, from the arrival of the data equipment
4. Update method: CD
5. CAN communication: DST-2 diagnostic realizes more accurate diagnosis through CAN
Communication speed is about 50 times faster than the classic.
6. Easy to use with 5.7-inch touch screen and full color display assists easy operation.


1 When using IT2 toyota diagnostic tool, please do not insert both cards simultaneously, and also do not insert the memory because it will slow down the speed of operation of the unit.
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