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WOW WOW WI WOW!!!! FBTO,,,, What you do? I just read the MPost link & oh crap did you U coz MAN style pissing KONTEST with you good friend with M3 & 999 Duc. Well you guys need to do this correctly or else it will be weak. First of all I have yet to hear of a track you will go to.? Mosport, MT. Tremblat, others I do not remember. Speak up with true game. Do not race on the street. You guys are into Sportbikes per your pics on track. So keep it legal but please make us proud FBTO... The Bimmers are counting on you to lack driving skill.... So get it done. The ISF would prefer Mosport. Shannonville is M3 all day. Nurnbergring, I would prefer the lexus ISF. MY ZX10 was at the Ring in 2004 & said aufwiedersehn to Honda 954 often....
1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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