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Thanks for the nice welcome!:) thanks also for the advice on the springs, ive heard that those springs do make it a nicer ride, my husband was wondering if you new the part number on the right springs so we can look into it, also can you adjust the negative camber out of the front end after installing the lowering springs, to the factory specs or will it always have negative camber? on a scale of 1-10 how much nicer is it? is it worth the money? the back of the car already looks lower then the front and we heard someone say they lowered the front and not the back? that spring place is like 20 minutes from us. i love this car, its a race car in disguise, my husband has built and raced cars, so now i have my own! i even had my toes painted the same silver as the car :D (goofy girl stuff, i know!) we have a few pics, ill see if i can get one on here before sunday night for you all, have a great evening and thanks again for the welcome!
To answer some of your questions...the lower you go, the more negative camber. Unfortunately there is no adjustment for it or camber correction kit available. It's the nature of double wishbone suspension and it's geometry.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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