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Thanks for lots of helpful info!

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I've been lurking around this forum for the last year, bought a 2008 IS-F last October and this forum has been a great resource whenever I have occasional curious questions about the car.

For the benefit of others that might be researching an IS-F:
I'm not a huge car guy, although I've loved driving a BMW for a while. A friend talked me into testing the F and I can honestly say a year later it's the best thing I've ever purchased in my life. I tested the same year m3 and c63-amg against it, and while each had their upsides (IMO: m3=pro driver's choice, c63=rocket), the F's price blew them both away at least with the dealers in my area. I think for me it was the ideal choice regardless of price as a daily commuter that can open up on frequent drives to the airport on a very empty and smooth tollway.

Plus it fits 2 carseats in the back so you can tell your wife it's a family car! I asked my 4 year old how he liked driving fast in it when I first got it, and he said (and I'm not making this up) "It makes my p*nis tickle!". Kids cut right to the chase, don't they? ;)

As much as car purists want to trash it seemingly online, I love "easy mode" 100ms shifting and blowing the crap out of just about anything I come up to the red light with. I've had numerous guys in coupes of all makes be shocked when I leave them admiring my big fat sedan's fake exhausts, even a few times people have caught up at the next light and asked "what kind of turbo I've got in there?" LOL.

So unless you spend every week at the track, you can safely ignore the haters and get one, you won't regret it.

2 speeding tickets already (although i've avoided about 6 more, thanks Valentine One)
Fake exhausts? WTF.

Anyway, just wanted to say thanks again for the community around the F out there posting lots of great info here, as a "racing layman" I really appreciate it.

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Oh man the quote your 4 year old said its just too funny. I'm glad your enjoying your F.
Your 4 year old should be on Kid's say the dardest things. Happy to hear your loving it. The F is truly a remarkable car.
I couldn't have said it better myself! Thanks everyone.
Glad to hear that your enjoy it.

BTW: from what I remember the exhaust tips are separated from the mufflers to act as diffusers. It helps with aerodynamics, less drag and lift at higher speeds.
Agree..every bit of design is critical when cars can reach speeds in excess of 160...this car is rediculously stable at 160+mph.
Fake exhausts? WTF.
The exhausts are not fake. The tips and the exhaust canisters themselves are not connected. Don't be surprised...the current generation LS has had this type of design since 2007 and the latest update of the BMW 7 series is following suit too. A few other exotics out there are the exact same as well. ;) Most people just don't pay attention to it.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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