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Highly unlikely. The current price for the Joe Z exhaust and intake are a steal. You guys are asking wayyyyy too much. The only reason why they offered the first group buy was an introductory offer to get the products out. Don't expect to see another anytime soon. If I were you guys, buy it now before the price does go up.
Sorry Flip to go against your thinking. It really all depends in the future how the market will be and HEY we may never know there may be other companies out there probably taking their own time to make some upgrade components for the F. We just don't know yet and we can't be REAL SURE about that yet. When there's competition prices may go up or down we would never know right? It's just that James is throwing out an idea like that and it doesn't even hurt or affect anyone.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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