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Texas Hill Country ISF

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Picked up my black ISF last week and am really enjoying it. Traded in my black GS430. Prior to that I had 2 different black SC's, a black M-45 and a black Cressida. (do you think I like black?) Also had a few other fast cars like a '65 GTO with Tri-power, Z-28 with a Corvette engine, Firebird Formula, Corvette and a few others, but none compare to the ISF. Picked up some good info here which steered me away from a C63 and to the ISF. Thanks. My wife drives an RX400h and really likes it, too.
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Welcome to the site and Congrats on the IS-F !! Looks like you have had a nice collection of vehicle's.
Congrats on the purchase and welcome to the site!! Where in the Hill Country are you?!
BigMikeISF I'm in Boerne.
BigMikeISF I'm in Boerne.
Awesome, I'm in Austin! :)
Welcome Oldtimer. I am another old timer (70 in 7 weeks)

And I am in Houston, but spend at least a week each summer in the Hill Country. Like you, I have had multiple fast cars through the years, beginning with a '57 Olds Super 88 with the J-2 set-up (3-2bbls), a '86 Trans Am with Nitrous, an '87 GTA, an '89 Formula 350 and a '95 TA Convert. The F is much quicker and handles better than any previous.
very nice!! welcome to the forums buddy!
Welcome! Wow Black Cressida huh? Now that's classic Toyota flagship right there.
Yes,Flipside, that Cressida was a great highway cruiser. I had a maroon '86 and a black '89. That in-line six with dual OH cams was a fantastic engine. The salesman started the engine and placed a nickle on it's edge on the timing chain cover and it did not fall over. Talk about smooth!!
very nice. welcome aboard long time Toy supporter.
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