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Test drove the New Nissan 370Z today

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I would have to give the driving experience a big "Meh". I was pretty disappointed given how fantastic the exterior now looks. Paint job was phenominal with a shade of blue that puts the ISF blue to shame. Every change they made is for the better. Unfortunately, driving it put me off from wanting it. It simply has none of the sophistication that we ISF owners have grown accumtomed to. The paddle shifters were ultra cheap plastic that did not possess a satisfactory click. The engine was okay but I was expecting more "throw me to the back of my seat" power given its 330 horses. The rev-matching downshifts were no competition for the Lexus.

Interior quality is improved but still relies a bit too heavily on cheap plastic. The door handles in particular come to mind. Road noise is to be expected with this genre of automobile but I felt it was simply too much. Wind noise was fine but the roar from the tires was deafening. I suppose the worst part about the driving experience is the extremely poor visibility. Rear 3/4 visibility is non-existent so you must rely totally on the side-view mirrors to change lanes. Straight back rear view is only marginal.

I was actually considering downgrading (in price) to the new Z as I really miss the driver involvement you can only get with a true manual tranny. After seeing the new Z in person I was sure it was a contender. Driving it however has placed me back at the drawing board.
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Wow, that is really interesting to hear. Nissan is constantly showing commercials for their new Z during college football playoffs (gets kind of annoying). It looks decent but that is very interesting to hear about the drive, noise and engine. I was expecting more since a lot of reviews seem to say it's a great car (I take magazine and other reviews with a grain of salt). I will have to check it out soon. Good review
I'm sure you have enjoyed alot you test drive.You have lots of fun at the time of enjoying.Thanks for sharing you wonderful experience with us.its really great to know.
Very interesting indeed... I almost traded in my IS 350 for a 350Z until I sat in the thing. Didn't even have to drive it to know it wasn't for me. The interior on a 350z is gawd awful in comparison to our interiors...
I was wondering myself about that car. I might check it out too just for kicks.
I've seen a few of these around town but not as many as I was expecting. I'd like to hear some drivers testimonials about it, might have to check out a nissan forum
You cant really compare a mid 30k car to a high 50k car,, its not a fair comparison,, honestly at the way they are priced, its actually only comparable to our Is 350 the most and even at that, its two totally different cars. I mean, if anything thats a closer comparison, I would say at least a G37coupe would be a bit closer and fair comparison.. hey,, to be honest,, for $35k ish a 370z is a pretty hard to beat car.. you can barely get a Is250 for $35k ish....
I've seen the car in person, the Nismo edition to be exact, and it looks great as far as the exterior is concerned. The other comments about the interior are pretty accurate. Didn't bother driving it since I'm not in the market for another vehicle. But as others have already said, comparing the two just doesn't seem fair.
Reminds me the test drive I took in the 2003 Nissan 350Z when it first came out.

Let's see:

- Was not very fast.

- The shifter sucked.

- Tons of blind spots, can't see who's in my rear 1/4.

- A list of issues from owners on the forums.

8 months later I bought the WRX STi, sure glad I did.

The 370Z looks cool, but it doesn't do anything to me when I see it.

Not even in the same league as the ISF.
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Yeah, if you were going for driving excitement the Z falls short of the ISF, but the car itself is rather solid. Especially if you're into convertibles.
I love the new 370Z. It's a huge improvement from the 350. Also our car and the 370 is not comparable. They are in two different classes. 370z is a pure sports car.
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