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Tein Comfort Sport Coil-overs

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Just finished reading the a section of the Import Tuner/Tein IS-F project they're working on and I came across a very interesting section...

"Once the chassis was nice and stitch welded, custom Tein Comfort Sport monotube coilovers went in to replace the stock shocks and struts. With a complete R&D team in the U.S., Tein was able to revalve the Comfort Sports in-house, for more aggressive damping. A coilover based on this setup should be available for all IS Fs soon."

Looks very promising... Speaking from personal experience Tein makes great suspension products for the Japanese Domestic Market, especially if that suspension system incorporates the EDFC (Electronic Dampening Force Controller) that will be a big plus!

If anybody has more information on the suspension post it right here... I'll also be on the look out for more info.

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I've ran Tein comfort sports on my F for almost a year now. All I can say is it's definitely stiffer then stock when setted to the stiffest. It handles very well and noticably less body roll. For normal street driving I have all 4 corners at 7 clicks away from stiffest and it still handles well. Like what others think these aren't the same floaty feel Tein CS's like how it feels on the is250 and is350. I don't feel any floatyness at all with mine. Spring rates for the F's applications are 12k/10k which are alot stiffer then the is250/is350 cs's spring rates of 7k/7k. I also have the EDFC unit so I can control the settings inside the car instead of getting out and ripping out panels in the rear to set the rebound/compression which I find a hassle especially in a luxury car. What I really like about the EDFC is when I'm on a super bumpy road all it takes is 1 push of a button to go to softer setting. With the EDFC u can have 3 different memory settings. I made my 3 race/street/comfort;)
You mentioned 7 clicks from stiffest for normal street driving.
Can you also let me know your settings for race & comfort?

I am in the process of playing with the damping settings on my Tein comfort sport and would like some recommendation.

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