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Taste of Lexus - Fontana, CA

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Anyone going from here? I'll be there for the free session Saturday from 8-10AM. I'll be driving my 2003 Matrix XRS. Possible future IS-F owner in the making! :D
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I'm going to the IS-F 1/2 day experience at the raceway tomorrow, during the 12pm session. Anyone else going then? If so, what are you driving? I'd love to meet some members there tomorrow if anyone's attending.

Drive fast...take chances.

I attended the 0845 event on Sat, 1 Jun. Great experience. I hope you had a good time.

The pro driver hot lap opened my eyes.
Did you happen to take any pictures of the event?
Did the half-day event on Friday afternoon, and it was pretty fun.

We laid down some rubber on track for you guys :)
it was awesome! i just wish we got more drive time. but then again, it was free haha.

the only disappointing part for me was the lead/follow. i got in on the first group out on the track and happened to be stuck with a slow group. the person in front of me was an old, english lady. so we didnt get to go fast at all!! i didnt even get to floor it all the way in first gear. but yeah, the hot lap was awesome!!

i'll upload my pics real soon and post the link.
Did the afternoon IS-F program yesterday at CA Speedway and I agree--would've been nice to have more seat time and you were definitely screwed during the lead/follow portion if you got behind a slow/inexperienced driver. Also, I would've enjoyed a chance to open the car up on the oval for a little bit. I realize this would be a real risk for Lexus, but it would probably sell a lot of units for the company at the same time. Great instructors, though...I think they did the best that could be done with the number of people and cars available. Timed autocross competition was a real blast.
Attended the Friday "Ultimate" driving expereince !

Always learn something and it's always good to get to push the car at bit in a safe enviroment, especially when it's someone elses tires and brakes! :) That said, for the $295.00 paid we only got a total of 4 minutes or less of drive/seat time for the five hours spent there, 7:30 - 12:30. Not a good ratio at all. Guess I would have felt better if they had NOT called it a "driving academy" as it should have been an "brief introduction" to the IS-F. It also would have been nice to have someone from Lexus there who was technically knowledgable to answer our questions about our cars. The only people there beside the Michelin rep, were all hired by the promotional company and knew nothing about the cars other then what they had been told, which is info readily available on the Lexus web site.

It was a nice day to spend in the sun and out of the office though!
There's gonna be a Supra/IS super meet here in S.FLA at Jm Lexus.I'll try to take as many pics as I can. Anyone going? It's July 27th
Ooops, You All Are On The Other Side Of The Planet!
Nice pics. I was so excited to be going I forgot my camera. I can see you were so excited that some of yours pics are blurred.

The magazine wags stated in several road test articles that the IS F rode very stiffly. When we rode with the pro driver we hit those first bumps/bad pavement, near the start, at over 80+ mph and I didn't think it was any big deal. Maybe the LA concrete expansion joints make it seem to ride a little too stiff/bumpy. I dunno.
^haha thanks! yeah some of the pics outside were blurry cuz i just got out of the car and the next group of is-f's were ready to go out so i had to quickly take the pics. yeah, the ride seemed fine on the track. now i gotta test drive it on the real roads.
I spoke with an auto journalist recently and he's had the IS F on loan to him for a week. He said it was a great car but expressed concern about the ride quality and stiffness/harshness of the suspension. Some of the magazine reviews are mentioning this. It seems like they all did when it first came out and now kind of gloss over it. Let me know what you think when you drive it.
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