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Taste of Lexus Evening Edition - See the IS-F live on the dyno!!!

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Lexus announces the Taste of Lexus "Evening Edition" for one night only in each of the following locations: Chicago (Arlington Park), NY (Jackson, NJ), and Miami (Miami Gardens). This Taste "lite" has been created in recognition of performance enthusiasts, and will focus all test drives exclusively on a short performance course, normally reserved for the IS and GS only.

The IS F will also be showcased, with demonstration runs on a dynomometer available.

These evening events will occur as shown:

Chicago area
Saturday, September 8; 7-10pm
Arlington Park
2200 West Euclid Ave.
Arlington Heights (Parking Lot A)

NY Area
Saturday, September 22; 7-10pm
Six Flags Great Adventure
1 SixFlags Blvd. - Route 537
Jackson, NJ (Hurricane Harbor lot)

Miami Area
Saturday, October 20; 7-10pm
Calder Race Course
21001 NW 27th Ave.
Miami Gardens (Lot C, E, F)

Please note that the only way to register for these evening sessions is by phone: 1-888-236-9117. The call center is open 24/7 to assist with reservations and to provide more information. Registration for the evening edition may NOT be completed online, however general information is available at We look forward to seeing you at one of these events!
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This was a very great event. Well put together by the folks over at Lexus of America. I got my long awaited 1 on 1 with the IS-F. No! I didn't get to rev it up but I got to seat inside and truly got a feel for what the car was. The representative was eager to start the engine up and do a couple revs. I think to really appreciate how the car looks you have to see it and get a feel for it in person. I am more than sold on the car now that I got a chance to seat inside of it and its Luxury meets Performance. The IS-F truly stands out from the crowd. I test drove the current IS 250/350, GS, which they had available to take on the cone tracks but the car which I was impressed with was the LS600H. Do not let the size deter you, it moves... Given a wider and longer track for the test I think one would be able to get a better feel for the LS600H. I hope to be one of the 1st few in the U.S to drive off the lot with the IS-F during the first quarter of '08. The deal was already made a few months back with the preferred dealership I choose to make the purchase with... :)
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Driving the ISF

Hey man i just returned from Las Vegas Motor Speedway driving the IS F for three days on a road course. Lexus has superceeded all of my expectations. This vehicle is a BEAST.
This car has exceeded all of my expectations. I had a chance to drive it like I stole it, and Lexus has hit a home run. I thought that they would be tempted to water it down, but it is a full blown track car in street clothes. The car is stiffer, and more responsive, and that engine sounds great when the second air-induction sucks in that beautful air!

If you have been waiting for your IS-F, you will not be disappointed.:cool:
Thanks for the review and input. Still breaking mine in!

can't wait until I can press it a bit more as it seems like it only gets better as you ask it to perform. Can't beleive how deep into the corners I can go with this car, especially over the IS 350 I was driving.... Love it !

What recommendations you got for the Break In?

RPM, mileage, first oil change ....?

I'm being very conservative and following the factory

outline. The factory suggests the basic, vary your RPMS's/speed, no sudden acceleration or stops, keep it under 85 MPH, yada yada yada for the first 500-600 miles.. keep it conserative for the next 400 miles or so until the car has about 1000 miles on it. At which time you're to go back in for your first free visit... Then the real fun begins :) ....

Now that doesn't mean, IMHO, that you can't play with your breaking points or markers on those corners we all know, or smoothly accelerate up through the gears, or feel the car out in the manual mode, keeping your RPM's down of course and not pushing the red line or trying to maxx out the shift points. The car is such a pleasure to drive that while I DO want to see what the car can really do, I am having tons of fun even being conserative with it so I'm not feeling pressure to push it to far....

Hope that helps !
You will love the throttle blips in manual mode when down-shifting(after break-in of course). Let us know how it goes when you have it broken in, and BTW which tires came on your car, the Michelins or Bridgestones?
My car came with the Michelins . I'm already enjoying >

the throttle blips at smooth street speeds. Love the fact that you no longer have to move the stick into Manual mode to override the tranny... You can really smoothly downshift and even upshift, both matching revs on the way up or down, with this auto... Can't wait to put it into Sport mode and push it a bit :)
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